Dawn Nwamuo.M.D. (pronounced Whawm - Whoa) was born and raised in the Bay Area, in Union City, CA.  Education was instilled as a high value in her home from a very early age.  She vividly remembers her mother as her first educator who always had her own homework lessons that paralleled and enhanced her private school education in her formative years.  She was educated in a private and public school system and was able to appreciate the value that both systems provided.  Her mother became a teacher during her elementary school years and her sister later followed in her mother's footsteps. Education had always been highly valued in her family, and that seed placed early on in her life, contributed to the large goals she set for herself.

Dr. Nwamuo traveled to the Midwest and received her undergraduate training at the University of Michigan. One month into her first Michigan winter, she asked herself, why did she leave California?! After 4 grueling cold and long winters in Michigan, she immediately returned to "Sunny" California upon graduation!  She worked as a surgical technician in Obstetrics and Gynecology for 3 years and her experience as a surgical technician confirmed her desire to work in the healthcare field, and also reaffirmed her desire to care for women.  She continued on to medical school at UCLA and received her medical degree in 2004.  

Throughout her undergraduate and graduate education years, her passion to care for and educate women did not waiver.  Her experiences in different facets of health care in the U.S. and abroad in Kenya, Dominican Republic and Mexico, solidified this passion early on in her career. She returned to the Bay Area for Internship and Residency in Radiology in Alameda County and Santa Clara county healthcare systems, respectively.  Her dedication to caring for women led her to complete additional subspeciality training in Breast Imaging at Stanford School of Medicine.


She chose to practice at Kaiser Permanente because she wanted to be a part of the large integrated and outstanding health care system that was dedicated to delivering excellent patient care. In her 10 years practicing there in various leadership roles she has been innovative in developing new technology platforms, redesigned care delivery to enhance the patient care experience and played an integral role in implementing cutting edge medical device technologies. This has led to immense strides in the field of Breast Imaging, Breast Cancer and treatment. Continued education and process improvement is very important to Dr. Nwamuo.

Her past and current leadership roles in Kaiser Permanente and the community include:

  1. Board of Commission on Cancer to ensure that cancer care meets the highest standards.  

  2. Assistant Professorship role with Drexel University College of Medicine to engage in medical student education.

  3. Steering committee on Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

  4. Workplace Dialogue Facilitator on race issues, systemic racism and social justice

  5. Recipient of the 2021 Community Benefits Research Fund Grant funded by the Central Research Committee (CRC) in the field of Breast Imaging, that may improve the way care is delivered globally - Kaiser Permanente

  6. Alameda-Contra Costa County Medical Association, Health Equity Task Force

  7. Past radiology department Chief of Breast Imaging


Outside of working as a full time physician, Dr. Nwamuo has served as an HOA board member for Schaefer Ranch for the past 5 years. She has beautified the neighborhood and has worked to ensure the homeowners concerns are heard and the neighborhood value is maintained.  She spends much of her free time with her extended family around the Bay Area, vacationing with her family nationally and internationally and  traveling with her oldest son’s AAU travel basketball team. She finds joy in looking for adventurous activities around the Bay Area and enjoys outdoor activities, especially hiking.

Dr. Nwamuo brings a unique background of experiencing public and private educational systems, excelling in education and coming from a family of educators. She has always demonstrated a team approach with her children’s educators and has a vision for positive and unified change for the city of Dublin students, educational staff, parents and citizens of the community.

"If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough"


- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,
Former President of Liberia